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09 Aug 2013


Raanan Barzel



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Size: 3 MB

Downloads: 3810

Platform: WinXP

PixName is a picture-managment tool: download pictures into folders pre-named with picture's date, replace the camera-generated names with meaningful names with the help of user-friendly and efficient mechanisms, create slide shows in the precise order you like and create reduced-weight pictures for email.

When downloading pictures to your computer, PixName will propose a folder name starting with the date of the first picture. Add the subject and your picture folders are automatically sorted by date.

Digital cameras generate filenames with no useful information. PixName was designed to simplify replacing these filenames with filenames which are meaningful to the users. This is done at Windows level, and consequently is not linked to any application. Managing pictures becomes easier since you know from a filename what a picture represents, and this information is available to all Windows applications, including search programs which arre very handy to locate pictures.

PixName is smarter than Windows Explorer for renaming: it displays the picture while it is renamed, it remembers previous names, it provides one-click shortcuts for often-used items and it allows to rename a number of pictures at the same time. By adding a number before the filename PixName allows to determine the order of pictures in a folder.

If you have pictures form different cameras in the same folder use the 'Sort by date' feature to put the pictures in a chronological order.

PixName can generate slide shows on the fly directly from the picture files, and it displays both the folder name and the picture filename.

Finally, PixName can create light-weight pictures to send by email, with the same filenames as the original pictures. Both you and the receiver of the email know what the pictures are about!

As long as you do not modify the pictures themselves, PixName is all you need to accompany your digital camera.